Why Tattvagyan? - तत्त्वज्ञान क्यूँ?

1. Achieving more than what you have got from several Gurus

Like other Systems namely Education (Shiksha), Self Realization (Swadhyaya), or Spiritualization (Adhyatma), TATTVAGYAN is not based on one's effort and manliness. It is beyond any sort of Practice or Sadhana but quite receivable through Grace of GODly Incarnation (Sadguru). No need for any Sadhana, just to make the Sadguru pleased with your Devotion and Service.

Whatever one gets while adhering to continuous Practice or Sadhana or Meditation for so many years, TATTVAGYAN makes one receive more than that within just a few minutes. You can attain much more than what you have so far attained from any Guru or from all Gurus of the world. It is astonishing but supremely True. It is unbelievable but perfectly True.

In whatever processes or doctrines one receives or expects to receive, TATTVAGYAN showers more than that, and above all, It makes one see the Supreme Being, the Source of all.

TATTVAGYAN is all in all, so It depicts everything in to fundamentally. Nothing remains hidden before TATTVAGYAN. All secrets are disclosed from the atom to the Almighty by TATTVAGYAN.

2. Seeing fundamental secrets of the Universe

Adhyatma is not capable to show its own secret as to how it originated, how it is maintained, and how it is controlled. Where Adhyatma comes from and why is also not known via Adhyatma or from modern Spiritualists. It is only TATTVAGYAN that discloses all secrets of not only Adhyatma but all the existences in the Universe too. Even Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat SiriAkaal is also known and seen in to by TATTVAGYAN. That is why GOD has made TATTVAGYAN reserved for HIM only.

All existences from cell to Supreme or from atom to Almighty, have to be fundamentally known and seen in TATTVAGYAN. It is TATTVAGYAN that shows the Self (Jeeva), the Soul (Eeshwar), and the GOD (Parmeshwar) separately and distinctly.

3. Knowing secrets of birth & death

Self is the root entity of birth and death. Scientists don't know the secrets of birth and death. They don't know about Hell and Heaven also. They don't know about Ghosts also. All due to the reason that they have not received TATTVAGYAN from 'Sadguru'.

Many people say ignorantly that Self is Soul and Soul is GOD because they have not received TATTVAGYAN. Without TATTVAGYAN, no one can know and see the Self (Jeeva) and GOD (Parmatma). Through Adhyatma, one can know and see the Soul only.

4. Receiving the Four Eyes

All the Eyes are very easily made available by the bestower of TATTVAGYAN. No effort is required by the receiver against to cases of hard and long practices. There are FOUR EYES namely the bodily eye, subtle eye, divine eye, and Supremely Eye. World and Body for bodily eye, Jeeva or Self or Rooh for subtle Eye, Soul or Eeshwar or Aatma or Bramha or Noor or Divine Light for Divine Eye and lastly Eternal Abode or Paramdham or Bihisht or Paradise or Parmatma or Parmeshwar or Parambramha or Allaahtaala or GOD for Supremely Eye. These four Eyes are made available to the Inquisitive within a few minutes. No lifelong efforts are required if you may make pleased the bestower of TATTVAGYAN with GODly Devotion and Surrendership. No one can believe that one can become able to know and see Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan in one's front. But the Supreme Influence of TATTVAGYAN is as high as any unbelievable thing that becomes easily possible for the inquisitive who surrenders himself/herself to Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan. It is TATTVAGYAN only under which one becomes able to talk to Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan in one's front without doubt confidently. Seeing the Almighty GOD, the WORD who was before the beginning of the creation can now be conversated with now under TATTVAGYAN.

5. Knowing & Seeing 'I' of all i/c BVM and other deities

The receiver of TATTVAGYAN becomes able to see the "I" of everyone including that of Bramhaji, Vishnuji and Shankarji, and all other Deities too. All "I" of previous Incarnations (Perfect or Fractional -- Purnaavatari or Anshaavatari) are likewise visible distinctly in TATTVAGYAN. One becomes able to know with direct perception about the previous GODly Incarnations.

6. Knowing any Guru's Level

The "I" of all Gurus of the modern age or of previous ages are also similarly seen vividly. Thus the receiver becomes able to know the level of all previous or present Gurus/Spiritualists. Keep a simple booklet of any Guru's theory or doctrine before TATTVAGYAN and know the real status of that Guru. Thus you can recognize anyone's level of achievements whosoever he or she may be.

7. Knowing any writing's standard

What is the standard of any writing in the shape of Scripture, Puran, lekh or essay, one becomes able to know its level while keeping it before TATTVAGYAN. Whether it is of worldly level or of Deity level or of Divine level or finally of Eternal level or mixed. The writing can thus be recognized very clearly. Which Doha, chaupai, sloka, verse, revelation, aayat, vaani etc. of a Granth or Scripture or Religious Book like Vedas, Upnishads, Ramayan, Gita, Purans, Bible, Quraan or Guru GranthSaheb, etc is related with what entity-- is known very categorically and satisfactorily with TATTVAGYAN.

8. Knowing 'Om' and So'Ham-Ham'So

Many people understand unknowingly that OAm is Parmatma or the name of GOD, whereas some other practitioners (Sadhak) know that So'Ham is the name of GOD or Parmatma or So'Ham is GOD or Parmatma. Both sorts of apprehension are totally wrong. TATTVAGYAN depicts their details by showing their generation and maintenance from and by Supreme Exist. The receiver of TATTVAGYAN sees in his/her front the peculiar generation of So'Ham from the Supreme Entity and then Om from So'Ham. This is really unbelievable but extremely True.

9. Achieving Mukti & Amartaa or Salvation

Salvation is a combined form of Liberation from Maya on the one hand and Oneness with GOD on the other. Salvation is also called Moksha or a combined form of Mukti and Amartaa. Moksha is very necessary for the one who does not want to remain in Mayaic Fatigue and Torture anymore. One who understands the cyclic phenomenon of Maya as repeated birth and death and thereby extreme grief and torture to the Jeeva or the Self takes a step to liberate from Maya and to reach GOD for permanent peace and pleasure. Such permanent peace and pleasure are otherwise called Sachchidanand (or Truth, Peace, and Bliss). This state is gained only when Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat SiriAkaal is seen and met with. This is due to the Grace of Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan or Sat SiriAkaal. All such Liberation and Immortality are perceived and gained practically by the receiver of TATTVAGYAN because all the past good and bad Karmas (actions) are burnt into TATTVAGYAN immediately like a straw is burnt into the terrible fire. The receiver sees it so himself.

10. Gaining at Physical (Laukik) & Beyond Physica (Par-Laukik) both

Life in between the body and the world is known as Laukik Jeevan and that in between the Self and the GOD is said to be the Par-Laukik Jeevan. These are also called Physical and Para-Physical Life. Laukik and Para-Laukik both endeavors are achieved simultaneously in this very life through TATTVAGYAN. If one surrenders completely to the Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat SiriAkaal, one gets very easily the Laukik and Par-Laukik achievements at the same time while leading this very life in this world. This is all due to the Grace of Benevolent GOD.

11. Available only ONCE in an Era

TATTVAGYAN becomes available on this earth only once in an era by the sole Grace of Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan, so It is very very very rare and highly highly highly significant. It was imparted by Lord Vishnuji in Satyayuga to Naradji and Garunji etc, by Lord Ramji in Tretayuga to Laxmanji, Hanumanji, Shebriji, etc. and Lord Krishnaji in Dwaparyuga to Arjunji, Maitreyeji, Udhauvji, etc. previously. Now this TATTVAGYAN is being imparted by R.R. SGS Sadanandji Paramhans of India to anyone who absolutely surrenders himself/herself to Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat SiriAkaal. The bestower of TATTVAGYAN is called 'Sadguru'.

12. Receivable under Grace of GOD only

TATTVAGYAN is a Supreme System, hence It is beyond Karma and Kriya. It is exclusively under Kripa (Grace) of GOD. GOD's monopoly rests over It. We have to make HIM pleased for such Kripa with surrendered devotion (bhakti) and service (Seva) like Naradji, Garudji, Laxmanji, Hanumanji, Shebri, Arjun, Maitreya, Udhav, Gopies, etc. did in previous eras.

13. How Grace of GOD is received?

Protection of 'Dharma-Dharmatma-Dharti' is the total job of Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat SiriAkaal. And Protection of 'Dharma-Dharti-Dharmatma' cannot be done with false concepts. It starts with True concepts and unified devotion. The person who acts for 'Dharma-Dharmatma-Dharti' or who utilizes his mind, body, and wealth for the protection of 'Dharma-Dharmatma-Dharti' with full devotion and absolute surrender to Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat SiriAkaal certainly receives the Grace of the Benevolent GOD. In this respect, 'Sadanand TATTVAGYAN Parishad' is acting for such inspiration and getting prepared for such Grace on the basis of Dedication and Service to Khuda-GOD-Bhagwna for truthfulness and Knowledge. Propagation of Bhakti-Seva under the True Concepts of TATTVAGYAN has also been undertaken by 'Sadanand TATTVAGYAN Parishad' for the welfare of the world. You may also join this for yourself and for your family.