What is Tattvagyan? - तत्त्वज्ञान क्या है?

1. Supreme in All

TATTVAGYAN is 'SUPREME' in all ways. It is a Supreme System and is related to Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat SiriAkaal only. Education is a worldly System to let one study about this material world, Self-Realization is a subtle System to let one know and see the Self and the Subtle Region of Jeeva and Spiritualization is a Divine System to let one know and associate with the Soul and the Divine Provinces. But TATTVAGYAN is above all these. TATTVAGYAN is a Supreme System to allow one to enter in Eternity of Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat SiriAkaal with the frontal perception of HIM. TATTVAGYAN is also called Khudai Elm (Huruf-e-Muqqataat HeM as per Quran) or True, Supreme and Perfect Knowledge (or Supreme Knowledge of the 'WORD' which was in the beginning and which was with the GOD and which was GOD as per John 1/1 of the Bible). TATTVAGYAN has been briefly named JNAAN in Gita, Ramayana, or Vedas.

2. Fundamental KNOWLEDGE without remainder

TATTVAGYAN is all in all, so it depicts everything in to fundamentally. Nothing remains hidden before TATTVAGYAN. All secrets are disclosed from the atom to the Almighty by TATTVAGYAN. In other words, we may explain it by stating that knowing the secrets, seeing the existences and achieving their influences are quite separately and distinctly possible for all the entities like the world, the body, the Self, the Soul, and the GOD. This is very surprising to all of us, but this is supremely true in reality.

3. Showing Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat SiriAkaal

There is no process/system/sadhana or any effort other than TATTVAGYAN which can show Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat SiriAkaal in one's front. Inquisitive search GOD in many ways but in vain. There are not even TWO systems of achieving GOD, TATTVAGYAN is the only and lonely System through which Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat SiriAkaal is known, seen, and talked to in one's front. Lord Vishnuji, Lord Ramji, and Lord Krishnaji in previous eras imparted TATTVAGYAN to show GOD to their disciples named Naradji, Garunji, Laxmanji, Hanumanji, Shebriji, Arjunji, Maitreyeji, and Udhauji, etc. In the present age, R.R. SGS Sadanandji Paramhans is imparting the same TATTVAGYAN to his disciples while surrendering to GOD for body-mind-wealth.

4. Talking to Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat SiriAkaal

No one can believe that one can become able to know and see Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan in one's front. But the Supreme Influence of TATTVAGYAN is as high as any unbelievable thing that becomes easily possible for the seeker who surrenders himself/herself to Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan. It is TATTVAGYAN only under which one becomes able to confidently talk to Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan in one's front without a doubt. Seeing the Almighty GOD, the WORD WHO were before the beginning of the creation can now be conversated with now under TATTVAGYAN.

5. Allowing FOUR kinds of Eyes

General people know only one kind of eyes which is with the body and is called bodily eye. Spiritualists know another type of Eye which is called the Divine eye. In fact, there are again two types of Eyes quite separate than the bodily and Divine ones. Even modern Gurus are unaware of these remaining two types of Eyes. These are known as Subtle and Supremely Eyes and are numbered in the second and fourth categories. The eye to see through the material things is said to be the bodily eye or Sthool Drishti and is ranked as the 'first category eyes'. The eye to see through the Jeeva, Rooh, or the Self is called Subtle Eye or Sukshma Drishti which is ranked as the 'second category eye' or the Second Eye. Again, the eye to see through the Soul, Aatma, Eeshwar, Brahma, Noor, or Divine Light is known as Divine Eye or Divya Drishti and is ranked as the 'third category eye'. Lastly, the eye to know and to see through all the secrets of all the entities and to know and to see Khuda, GOD, Bhagwan, Parmatma, Parmeshwar, Parambrhma, Paramtattvam or the Supreme Existence with a conversation with HIM is called ''Supremely Eye or Gyan Drishti or Tattva Drishti'' and is ranked as 'Fourth Category Eye'. It is Sadguru who, by the Supreme influence of TATTVAGYAN, bestows all the FOUR EYES as mentioned above. No Spiritualists can provide all the eyes. That is why they do not know them all even.