What should I say if it is true?

My dear Truth Seekers! I am grieved and glad as well for your dual positions. First, you stay in the position of ignorance, so when the Supreme LORD comes down as an incarnation from His PARADISE, even though you start blaming Him with so many false allegations. This is why my position of grief is. Otherwise I am glad if you want to meet, know, see and converse with the GOD or Supreme LORD. I may tell frankly and truthfully that for this you may meet Him now a-days. This is a very fortunate period for you all, because the GOD or Supreme LORD has been living among us with His Goddesses and Prophets these days on the earth. If you really want to identify HIM, first of all, you will have to gain 'the True, Supreme & Perfect KNOWLEDGE' or 'TATTVAGYAN'. If you find HIM full of Grace and Truth, you may examine HIM through the same TATTVAGYAN. (It is exclusive Mercy of the same GOD that this True KNOWLEDGE or TATTVAGYAN is, at present, being imparted by Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanand ji Paramhans only.)


In fact you are passing a very very fortunate period because you can meet HIM in your city or town now. You will have to give only surrendering devotion to the Supreme Lord in return. So you must take this KNOWLEDGE compulsorily. This is the position of my gladness if you try for this. Just think a little as to what should I say if it is true !


After missing such time, you start repenting and grieving --- you begin to expiate-- you start accusing yourself of various kinds of things (as you are unfortunate, actionless, sinful etc..) whereas you are continuously told to get rid of these griefs with your surrendering devotion to the Supreme Lord. If you don't care, then why do you repent, flutter and grieve yourselves.


My all human beings ! Just think. How can you become a Super Being? Again I repeat it to you why not you think for yourself and for your goal of your life as to who you are ? Are you a body ? No, you are not a body. Then think again. Are you a Self ? No, you are not a Self also. Then you must think of it once again that I am not a body, nor am I a Self, then what I am ? Am I a Soul ? This is really a very difficult question.


First, you must know as to what the body is, what the Self is, what the Soul is and what the GOD is. After such confirmation only, you may take decision as to who you are and what the GOD is and what the medium between your Self and GOD is ? As soon as you get the said Supreme & Perfect KNOWLEDGE, you will find that the body, the Self, the Soul and the GOD are four types of the Existential Form separately. But here the question is as to how you can know all these above. The solution to this question is behind the four systems of Knowledge viz. the education, the Self Realization, the Spiritualization and lastly the True, Supreme & Perfect KNOWLEDGE or TATTVAGYAN respectively. If you want to know any one of these Existential Forms (i. e. body, Self, Soul & GOD), you cannot know them without these four systems of Knowledge. That is,


  • By Education - between the world and the body.
  • By Self Realization - between the body and the Self including the Self;
  • By Spiritualization - between the Self and the Soul including the Soul and
  • By the True, Supreme & Perfect KNOWLEDGE or TATTVAGYAN - between the Soul and the GOD including all or including the entire Universe upto the Supreme Lord.


Many many difficulties with this True, Supreme & Perfect KNOWLEDGE are there ! The first one of them is that only a single person alone can give this KNOWLEDGE at one time on the whole earth. This is a steady and triangular rule of the Supreme Lord. There are no any changes or no editing in this rule because the GOD is not a body only. HE is but a Supreme EXISTENCE. The GOD is only 'ONE' without second. How can the GOD's identity be in plural numbers when HE is only ONE. So this is not only wonderful but marvellous too. The GOD is in form and formless position both or in shape and shapeless position both.


The most marvellous position is this that the name, the form and the place (triple in one, being the Absolute Address but without second) lie in HIM as Oneness. Then how can this KNOWLEDGE become in numerous systems. The real meaning of the KNOWLEDGE is the identification and wisdom of GOD and therefore, the position of the KNOWLEDGE, hence the system, is only one. Now how may the givers of such system be many ? Or, is it possible that identification of the one be shown by the other else ? No, it is never possible and the giver of this KNOWLEDGE of GOD is some else than GOD HIMSELF. HE shall be the single authority on the earth at one time.



To all my sisters and brothers of the whole world ! I, Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanand Ji Paramhans, repeatedly and earnestly request you again and again that first of all you must try to know as to who you are. Are you a body or a Self ? Why not you take a decision for yourself as to who you are ? Why are you taking this matter as a simple one ? Please don't take it in a simple way. Take this seriously. This is the subject of your goal of life. This is the way of Super Life and the goal of your life too. Once again I have to request you all that you must try to know--- what is your life and what is the goal of your life ? Who are you and who is the controller of you all ? Who is GOD and who is the intermediator between your Self and GOD ? Here, please don't worry but try to feel my sentiments. I just want you to have been living in GOD for ever so that you may become a Super Being. Certainly after that, you will find that your life is passing in the form of a Super Being by the Guidance and Grace of GOD.


When you try again and again to know and see as to who you are-- who HE (the intermediator between GOD and your Self) is and who GOD is. First of all, you will find the world, secondly the body, thirdly the Self, fourthly the Soul and finally the GOD or the Supreme LORD. These all five entities are separate and different with one another. Without a complete Knowledge of all the above, you will never become a Super Being.


My dear Truth Seekers ! don't get puzzled with my repetitions because I want you to have exercise for your forgetfulness of the systems related with your personal life and goal. Suppose that the GOD, by HIS own, wants to help you, how you will get it ? It is true that you don't know as to who you are. But it does not mean that you should stop your trial (effort) for knowing your Self, the Soul and the GOD separately.


There are four types of Existential Forms in this Universe including and upto GOD as under:-


  1. The first one is material form (the world upto the body)-- the system of this kind of knowledge is know as 'education' and the name of eye with which we see these material forms is known as 'eye' alone. You may call it as a soily eye also.
  2. The second one is sceptal form (above the body and upto the Self)-- the system of this kind of knowledge is called 'Self Realization' and the name of eye with which we can see the Self and all the positions of the Self and Selfly worlds (viz. the hell and heaven) is 'Sceptal Eye' at the position of Nididhyasan.
  3. The third one is the Souly Form or the formless Soul (above the Self and upto the Soul)--- the system of this kind of Knowledge is called 'Spiritualization' and the eye with which we see the Soul and all the positions of the Soul is known as 'Divine Eye' at the position of Soul.
  4. This is the fourth and the last chapter of this subject (the KNOWLEDGE or the Universal position) to know and to see between the Soul and the GOD upto the GOD with conversations is called 'Supreme or Perfect KNOWLEDGE'. Not only between the Soul and GOD but the absolute systems of Knowledges of the whole Universe are also included in the very system.

The name of Eye in this last and ultimate system is an 'Eye of Knowledge' or an 'Eye of the Supreme' or 'Gyandrishti' or 'Tattvadrishti'. Please don't get confused here while hearing so many eyes. This is a Certain and Supreme Truth that there are four levels of the Existential Positions in the Universe upto GOD including their such four systems to know them separately with their four types of eyes to see them categorically. In fact, you cannot know and see them categorically without these four kinds of systems of Knowledges and without these four kinds of eyes which are the real positions from atom to Almighty or say--from the Universe and upto the GOD.


The certain Truth is that you cannot gain Salvation & Immortality, Eternal Peace & Pleasure and Supreme Goal as well, without the system at the fourth number above which is also called TATTVAGYAN. The capacity of Salvation and Immortality is only in this very system and not in any other else.


The capacity of 'Self Realization' is only to give a realization as 'Aham Bramhasmi ( I am the Soul) which is an egoism and not otherwise. Secondly the capacity of 'Spiritualization' is only to give an experience of 'Peace and Pleasure' (Divine Bliss) and the Soul only. Such is the the position of Han'So, the Souly Self. Please note that there are heavy differences between the Selfly Soul (So'Han) and Souly Self (Han'So). Similarly here we must also note that 'education' is not the 'Self Realization'; the 'Self Realization' is not the 'Spiritualization' and the 'Spiritualization' is not 'KNOWLEDGE or TATTVAGYAN'. Likewise, the 'Soily eye' is not the 'Sceptal Eye'; the 'Sceptal Eye' is not the 'Divine Eye' and the 'Divine Eye' is not the 'Eye of KNOWLEDGE or TATTVADRISHTI' because the body is not the Self; the Self is not the Soul and the Soul is not the GOD. These are all separate ones and are categorically FOUR.


This is a very difficult question as to what I should say if it is true. If I tell you that the Supreme KNOWLEDGE is the only ONE like the only ONE GOD on the earth at one time and I am the only person who has this KNOWLEDGE on the whole earth at present, then you may think that this Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanand Ji Paramhans is a very egoist person. So please think again and again as to what I should say if it is really true.


Repeatedly I tell you want this KNOWLEDGE of GOD or of the Supreme Lord is a real identification of the GOD. How can the identification of the GOD be given by many at one time when the GOD is only ONE in number.


If any Saint, Prophet, Maharishi or else wants to give this KNOWLEDGE of the Lord, he cannot give because he is incompetent. Only GOD alone is competent to give this KNOWLEDGE. Jesus Christ is a Prophet and the lovely son of GOD. If it is true, the line from the Bible---" there is no difference between I and my GOD-Father. If you see me, you see the GOD-Father"---is not true, because Jesus is the Life Light whereas GOD-Father is Generator, Operator and Destroyer of the Universe and of Divine Light or of Life Light too and HE is hence known as Supreme Lord or Real GOD-Father. There are most heavier differences between the Life Light and the GOD Father. Think again, the GOD-Father is a Source and Controller of all Universes and of Divine Lights as well.


If you want to know and see, I promise to you to show all these Existential Positions and their respective systems quoted at these web pages with the terms and conditions mentioned herein. Surely no one can gain this KNOWLEDGE or TATTVAGYAN without absolute surrendership and devotion. This is because this is a certain and rigid rule of this KNOWLEDGE from the very beginning of this Creation.

I don't like to flatter you. I am glad for myself because I don't deceive you. I will be very glad with you if you will think and try to gain this Supreme Truth & Perfect KNOWLEDGE because the life as well as the goal of life both rest steadily in this very KNOWLEDGE.

I know that you are many in number related with many more preceptors or Gurus and you have gained some Spiritual Processes or Processes of Self Realization. Here I want to say to you whatever processes you have received from your preceptors are incomplete or imperfect. Don't bother for this statement of mine because I don't have any bad feeling for you or for your preceptor and because I am very honest, sincere and truthful with faithful heart for yourself. So here I say to you that you should give me a chance for I want to give this TATTVAGYAN, so that you can take a comparative decision from the processes you have already gained from your Gurus. After all, you will surely and certainly find that your processes are wrong or doubtful or incomplete and hence incompetent for you and your goal.

Again I tell you very sincerely that you must not worry for my statements as above. There is no one of preceptors else who gives or has given anyone the following four systems-







The system between the Soul and the GOD upto the GOD including the 'Eye of the Supreme' (Tattvadrishti). Here the world 'between' is not suitable because the system of all (the systems of world, body, Self, Soul and GOD, again of Education, Self Realization, Spiritualization and Real KNOWLEDGE are included in this very Real KNOWLEDGE which is currently given by none except me (Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanand Ji Paramhans). This is not an egoism and not any hyperbole but a highest truth.



Every Preceptor must be sincere and truthful. But it is not so at present. It is a matter of very very very regretfulness, because the glory of Religion and GOD have become like an imagination and like fake forms in the society. Certainly, the Preceptors are responsible before the GOD for this regret position. We cannot save ourselves from the punishment of GOD for this degradation.




Why are you not afraid of GOD for your false and fake precepts? How wonderful is this that even being a religious leader, you are not leading sincerely and truthfully. Then how can you create a religious environment in the society ?

The demand of the Religious principles and environment is that first of all you become sincere and truthful and then you should precept. Rather you should be most careful not to entangle again in the same deluding situations (worldly means and materials) from which you have come to this religious environment. Why not are you afraid of falling down again ? See yourselves sincerely.

By the Supreme KNOWLEDGE, I set you again and again that you should save your life and goal and must be careful for worldly means and materials which are a deluding net. It is possible only when you save yourselves from the false and fraudulent precepts. Think ! Think!! Think again and again !!! How wonderful is that even being a religious leader, you are not afraid of punishment of GOD ! Why not you think of it ? Why not you accept it ?

Is it our purpose to collect disciples and worldly means and materials ? No no no ! This is not our purpose at all. We are missing our purpose or goal. Suppose, we have collected millions of disciples and billions of worldly means and materials. Why not you think that this is not your purpose and goal of your life. Why not you are afraid of falling down ? You are keeping yourself in a very very very big deceit. You are not caring that you are felling down yourselves. Once on the bases of your nescience and ego in such a way that your goal of life may get reveresed towards delusion of worldly means and materials. On my such statement you should not feel that I am felling you down. I am very sincere and truthful towards all my statements as above. I am never against you. Really I am very faithful for you. All these statements as above are not by me but by the Supreme KNOWLEDGE. Again, by the Supreme KNOWLEDGE who is the same as GOD, I repeated it to you as above that I am very sincere, truthful and faithful for you. This is my actual duty. What I have said to you all the above is by this Supreme KNOWLEDGE as GOD. This is not my ego or an intention to depress you.



1. So many fake saints or so-called Mahatmas have dressed themselves just to avoid labour and just for fooding, lodging and moving heither and theither to so and so religious places. They want only fooding, lodging and moving and to be called as Mahatma. They do not want Religion or GOD. Religion or GOD is only a fake and show piece for them.

2. A few remaining other ascetics are engaged in penance but they have stuck with ego of saintliness and austerity so badly as they cannot come out of it. So they consider themselves 'all in all' whereas austerity and penance is just a first step in Reigion not all in all.



By Ethics : A few so-called Mahatmas are only readers and speakers of ethics. But they are speaking and precepting just like a Knower and Seer of GOD. How wonderful is this that they consider themselves as a Knower and Seer of GOD and preach likewise in the ignorant world society thought they are fully egoist and know nothing practically ! Such type of preceptors should not fell ill over my statement as above because I put them very sincerely, truthfully and faithfully by the Supreme KNOWLEDGE or TATTVAGYAN and not with a prejudiced heart. I am at all not prejudiced of anyone of you but here I tell you every thing only by the Mercy of GOD and by the Supreme KNOWLEDGE.

By Realization : Few other so-called Mahatmas are thinker or realizer only, so they are thinking and realizing always though they get nothing. Inspite of this, they have considered themselves --' I am all in all. I am Self. I am Soul and I am GOD too.' They do not know as what the definition of Self, Soul and GOD are. Certainly they do not know the definition and position of the Self, Soul and GOD separately. How wonder ! They do not know anything about GOD and Soul also. Not only this, but they do not know anything about Self even. They have become victims of egoism so much as they cannot come out from their thinking or realizing habits. Certainly I do speak to them that they do not know anything about Nididhyasan without which anyone cannot know the self even what to say of others. The SPIRITUALIZATION (the process of the Soul ) and the Supreme & Prefect KNOWLEDGE (the only system of GOD) are really beyond their capture. They ( The SPIRITUALIZATION and the KNOWLEDGE) do not even come in their thought.

Moses, David, Jesus David and Mohammad Sahebs are Prophets of the GOD---no doubt in it at all. Their precepts were only the messages of GOD. Unknown persons did not accept their prophecy because they were victims of egoism and their fooding, lodging and actions were totally like those of demons (satanaic). How could they accept those messages of GOD being spread by Prophets. We do not have any doubt in their by prophecy because it was a reality.

Jesus is not a Selfy body only but he is a 'LIFE LIGHT' also. It is a reality that Jesus is a son of GOD. It does not mean that Jesus is a body and GOD also is a body. But here it does mean that Jesus is really a 'LIFE LIGHT' or ' DIVINE LIGHT' and his GOD Father is a Source of LIFE LIGHT or DIVINE LIGHT. The Source of Light is Supreme EXISTENCE or Supreme AlMIGHTY LORD.

Disciples are victims of missings and confusions because they consider their own GURUS ( preceptors) as Soul, as GOD, as Supreme LORD, as Supreme Almighty and so on so forth but not body whereas they do consider other gurus as a body only even if the Supreme LORD or the Supreme EXISTENCE, by HIS own, incarnates down amidst them. It is not justified because their system of evidence is basically wrong.



What is the real identification of preceptors or Gurus ? The real system of evidence for examination of any preceptor or Guru is that we should, first of all, omit the body of any preceptor or Guru and then from the remainder we should examine and take decision thereafter. This is the real system of examination of any preceptor. Really the real reality of the preceptors or Gurus opens out with this very system (of omitting the body and taking remainder as a principle). The real identification of preceptors opens out or comes out with this very system and the category and capacity of all preceptors is disclosed before all by this very system since the category and capacity of any preceptor cannot be decided on the basis of his body, number of his disciples and amount of wealth acquired by him only.

Now it is easy to take correct decision against identification of any Guru. How can one take decision without 'omitting the body and taking the remainder as a principle'?. Try to think yourself that without omitting the body, no one can take a real decision for any Guru. I tell you again and again--- repeatedly again and again that without omission of body you cannot take any real decision for real identification of any Guru. Please think of it. Is it not correct ? Certainly you will really find that this is very very very correct.



Some versions of the Bible (New Testament) are not acceptable because the differences between Life Light Jesus and his GOD-Father are ignored away. For example, one of them is -



Here the first version is not genuine and right but the second one is really genuine and right. Such a decision comes out of the contradiction lying between the two versions of the Bible.



Definition: So'Han is not a creative action of ascending way of Self to Soul but this is a position of falling down of the Soul to Self in a descending way.

Descending of life as a Selfly Soul is presumed ascending way of life as a Souly Self. This presumption is not genuine and right.

The real position of Selfly Soul is So'Han which is a descending way of life. This is a very very very difficult situation to understand for a person who is attached with a Spiritual Preacher because even the ancient Spiritual Preachers were also missing here to understand the differences between the Selfly Soul (So'Han) and Souly Self (Han'So). The ancient and modern Spiritual Preachers also do not understand the exact and secret differences between So'Han and Han'So because they do not know the mystery of Spiritualization. Kabir, Nanak, Tulsi and even Jesus come in the same category. Let us see form the Bible-

"I am he. I who am talking with you."---John 4\26

The real principle is that the LIFE LIGHT or DIVINE LIGHT as SOUL has been coming down from the Almighty GOD since the very beginning. Soul is changed into a Sceptal body as a Self by Mahamaya, the Goddess of the Universe. This way of Soul (that it comes down from the GOD and goes into the Self) is called Selfy Soul--So'Han or a descending way of Soul. The position of this way (the descending way of life) is but natural under the system of 'Being' not 'doing'. Then how can we say that the position of So'Han is a creative action under SPIRITUALIZATION or under Yoga-Saadhana ? This is not a creative action or Saadhana of Soul. This is a system of 'Being' not creating. This is the position of descending way of Soul, not ascending way of Self.

All disciples of any Spiritual Preacher are falling down with a misunderstanding over the above concepts of Selfly Soul or So'Han. All of them presume that So'Han is an ascending way of the Self. This is not right, otherwise they would have gained their goal of life. But it is not so because this assumption is not a creative and ascending system. This is only the position of 'Being' and the way of descending. This consideration of all Spiritual Preachers and their disciples is really confusive and false. They cannot know what the real reality of descending and ascending ways of Soul is.

Please think. Think again and again. Here I am not egoist at all. I am not deceiving any Spiritual Preacher or any one of their disciples but I do want to give them the real reality of descending and ascending ways of Soul. If you think that I am prejudiced of you or of your Gurus and just want to deceive you or your Gurus, certainly I' ll tell you that I am not prejudiced with any one at all. Only I want to give you the real reality of SPIRITUALIZATION here. I cannot say that I am better or superior than Budha, Jain Mahavir, Jesus, Zerusthra, Mohammad, Nanak, Kabir Tulsi etc. etc. but I'll certainly tell you that the real Reality of descending as well as ascending ways of the Soul as a Selfy Soul (So'Han) and Souly Self (Han'So) under the KNOWLEDGE of Supreme (TATTVAGYAN). You must not be grieved. Think ! Think again and again ! What should I say if it is true ?

SOULY SELF or Han'SoHan'So is a creative action or ascending way of Self to Soul. This is an anti and creative position of the Soul to Self (Selfly Soul) or So'Han. This is a real creative position of ascending way of Self to Soul, because inspiration and expiration are a general and simple action of nature like a system of 'Being' but the system of expiration and inspiration is a process of Spiritualization or a creative process between Self to Soul. Han'So is a living secret and Divine Position having been between expiration and inspiration.

The form of body is totally soily and the form of Self is sceptal, but the real form of Soul is neither souly nor sceptal but it is a third and separate form known as LIFE LIGHT or DIVINE with pure consciousness. Body is only the body being without consciousness and Self is with impure consciousness because the Self is involved with demerits and merits by the Goddess of the Universe (Mahamaya or Nature). Soul is a pure conscious because there is no any effect of demerits or merits of Maya on Soul. There is impurity where there are demerits and merits and there is purity where their is no any effect of nature.

This is very very very marvellous and wonderful that Soul is a Divine Power between the GOD and the Self and between the Self and the GOD. But inspite of being DIVINE, He is not competent for Himself to hold His real position separately if It (the Soul) is not having Himself under the criterion of GOD. No doubr, He is full of Divine Power but when He enters the criterion of Goddess of the Universe (i.e. the criterion of Mahamaya or Nature), this Maya covers Him with Her merits and demerits and changes Him into a sceptal body called Self. So, the Divine Power of the Soul reverses back to GOD. So He (the soul) looses His divinity. Now if the Soul really wants to save His Divinity with Him, He will have to remain always in the direction of GOD.

Please think and try to realise this. Is the creative process of Self to Soul not ascending ? Certainly you will really find that it is really a position of ascending way to Self to Soul.

So'Han fellows must think and know the 'Being' Position of Soul to Self. Is it not falling position of Soul or is it not descending position of Soul ? Really you will find that 'Being Position of Soul to Self is not any process of Spiritualization or Addhyatma. You must think of this carefully. Is it right or wrong ? If it is right, you must accept it happily for your good welfare.

Again and again I tell you the 'Being Position of So'han under inspiration and expiration is not a creative process, then how can you accept it as a process of Spiritualization ? If you want to go into the process of Spiritualization, you must certainly accept the creative process of ascending way of Self to Soul (Han'So) not descending way of Soul to Self (So'Han).

If you want to know, see the real creative process of Spiritualization and gain the achievement of Divine Power like the Soul has, you may meet me and know in details with all the secrets practically.

However, all the matters mentioned herein this web site are not really complete KNOWLEDGE or Perfect KNOWLEDGE but are just fractions of REAL KNOWLEDGE. The Real KNOWLEDGE is quite different and seperate. Even Education, Self Realization and Spiritualization as well are just fractions of Real KNOWLEDGE. If you want to know what the Real KNOWLEDGE is, you may see and know the following:-



Definition :

1. The source and controller of the Universe including Soul also is Supreme Existential Form or Supreme Almighty Lord or KHUDA-GOD- BHAGAWAN.

2. The Source of Soul, Power and Universe is the Supreme Sovereign or GOD or Supreme Lord, The Generator, the operator and the Destroyer of the whole Universes including Powers and Souls is called KHUDA-GOD-BHAGWAN.

There are three classes in the human society. The first one belongs to those who consider that GOD is nothing except hypothesis (as athiests think). But this consideration is not correct, not real and not true too.

Secondly many more persons in the religious society belong to the category of such recognition who accept the existence of GOD but they don't accept the incarnation of GOD. (such as Aryasamaji, Christian and Muslims etc. do.)

Thirdly, disciples who have involved/attached with any Spiritual Preacher, consider that their GURU is an incarnation of GOD. These fellows very gladly take that:-


All the three as cited above are the categories of human societies but we find extra one society coming on this earth from time to time who belong to extra and beyond-ordinary-works and who are called ''Incarnation of GOD'' and HIS devotees, that is, Giver of the Supreme KNOWLEDGE & Knower and Seer of GOD. After all, this society belongs in oneness because the Knower and Seer of GOD find themselve merged into the 'Giver of KNOWLEDGE or into the Incarnation of GOD'. So here we find them as oneness and this is, in fact, the goal of all living beings, especially of human beings. Here we find that we have become free from all bounds, free from all sins, free from any bodily relation including worldly attraction and affection. Liberated all along.

The 'Incarnation of GOD' has come down for fulfillment of vacancies of all on the earth such as re-establishment of Religion, reformation of the society and destruction of evil doers, all kinds of global pollutions and devils. You may see these verses in support of it:-


When the Religion, Gentles, global environment and Saints are loosing just last on the earth, then becomes 'Incarnation of GOD' for the protection of such things and destruction of all pollutions and devils prevailing on the earth. Here the meaning of pollution is not only for the natural global things but pollutions in thinking, in precepting and in devoting. Please understand these real position of pollution and save yourselves of these pollutions because the pollution of human beings is more serious than that of nature. Undoubtedly pollution ( in thinking, precepting and devoting and in the system of behaving) the pollution of natural global environment certainly become free, then human being become pure cultured in wealth, health and comprehension.

I will say in brief about the cause of Incarnation of GOD if I am asked to do so. The Incarnation of GOD is for the protection of the Religion, the Religious and the Earth only.

In fact, the word KNOWLEDGE means not Education only, not only Self Realization and not only SPIRITUALIZATION too. It is but absolute KNOWLEDGE which means absolute knowingness of Education, Self Realization, Spiritualization and particular Knowledge are just parts of KNOWLEDGE or Absolute KNOWLEDGE. If you want to know the reality of these parts, you may see here. Further, Education is a knowingness between the body and the Self (sceptal body) and upto the Self. Again, Spiritualization is a knowingness between the Self and the Soul and upto the Soul, the Divine Light. Likewise, particular Knowledge is a knowinegness between the Soul and the GOD, the Supreme Almighty, but finally you'll find that knowingness of all is included in ''Absolute KNOWLEDGE'' (also called simply ''KNOWLEDGE''). This is the ''KNOWLEDGE'' without remainder. The receiver of this ''KNOWLEDGE without remainder'' is called 'Knower and Seer of GOD'' or simply 'knower of GOD or Gyani'

This is a strange mockery prevailing in the world society now-a-days that some educated persons declare themselves to be the 'Knower' some other Self Realizer also declare themselves that they are 'knower', but the reality is this that no one of the above is a 'Knower' because KNOWLEDGE' is not Education only, not Self Realization too. KNOWLEDGE is a separate system of all the above. You may see the definitions of these words as given above. Only the 'Knower and Seer of GOD' know all these systems separately and no one else.

Now, if you really want to know all over the systems as mentioned above separately and the world, the body, the Self (sceptal body), the Soul (Divine Light) and the Supreme Almighty GOD or the Supreme Existence separately, further if you want to meet, see and gain practically and experimentally all the above achievements with conversations, you may meet me (Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanandji Paramhans) to get them under the system of 'True, Supreme & Perfect KNOWLEDGE or Absolute KNOWLEDGE or TATTVAGYAN.

I hope that you will take it very seriously because Truth is always acceptable for all of us. If you really want to become a Super Being, you must certainly take this 'Supreme & Perfect KNOWLEDGE' without hesitation whence you get every achievements of GOD-Father for your Super Life ---- Sant Gyaneshwar Swami Sadanandji Paramhans (See head quarter guide map)