Protection of Dharma-Dharmatma-Dharti

Three jobs undertaken by Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat SiriAkaal ONLY

1.'Pavitranaya Sadhunaam' --- Protection of Dharmatma

All Sadhus (noble persons) who are also named as 'Dharmatmas' ( the Saintly Persons) and who have taken shelter of Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan shall be well protected by the Lord all round. This is done by HIM by bestowing them HIS Eternally Pure Knowledge. This is what is termed as ' Protection of Dharmatma'.

2.'Vinashay Cha Dushkritaam' --- Protection of Dharti

All ill-trends who are against the rules and regulations or Dharma of Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat SiriAkaal, shall be destroyed from the earth if they do not take shelter of the Almighty Lord. Ill or irreligious trends are the root cause through which Dharti (or the Earth) becomes overloaded and found herself unable to carry the burden of ill-trended people. She becomes quite purplexed. Ill trends whatsoever they may be, shall not be tolerated by GOD and ultimately replaced with Dharmin Trends.This is called 'Protection of Dharti'.

3.'Dharma Sansthapanaarthay'--- Protection of Dharma

It is Dharma throuth which the whole Universe including Material Worlds, Sceptal Regions, Divine Provinces and Eternal Abode are all governed in order and for smooth functioning. If Dharma is flinched or distorted or polluted, the functioning of the Universe is badly affected. The Lord cannot tolerate such distortion or pollution. HE restores and re-establishes Dharma whenever it is down fallen. This is called 'Protection of Dharma'.

4.What is our duty ?

Our duty is to be engaged in the Protection of 'DDD' to please Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat SiriAkaal, so that the human race can be saved from nature's anger by HIM. This is called 'Service to the Almighty Lord'. 'Sadanand Tattvajnaan Parishad' is calling you to help in saving the world by whatever means you can !