Gains - लाभ


1. THE PLEASURE (SUKH): Dukh or Sukh (Pain & Pleasure) are the only gains in between the world and the body. There is nothing else to get from this material world. World is the storage of Dukh (pain) and body is the source of Sukh (pleasure). The Self (Jeeva) is a pendulum between the two. The eye used in this field for seeing material objects is called Physical eye or Sthool Drishti.

2. THE BLISS (AANAND): Beyond the body and up to the Self, there lies Anand (Bliss). Bliss is ever superior than happiness or enjoyment and is 1000 times better than the bodily pleasure or Sukh. Anand is derived from the Self (Jeeva) and not from the body. For Anand, one has to remain in touch of the field of the Self. When the Self touches its own field, it gets Anand. The eye to see through in this field is called 'Subtle Eye (Sukshma Drishti)'. The Subtle Eye is bestowed by 'Incarnated Sadguru' ONLY and none else.

3. THE CONSCIOUS BLISS (CHIDAANAND): Beyond the Self and up to the Soul, Conscious Bliss is ascertained. Conscious Bliss is combined form of Peace and Bliss (of double unit). Bliss of the Self is also available here. Anand without Peace is derived from the Self, but Anand with Peace is the outcome from the Soul. Conscious Bliss is 1 million times better than Bliss. The Eye used in this field is known as 'Divine Eye (Divya Drishti)' which is bestowed by 'Incarnated Sadguru'. Spiritual Preachers (Gurus) can also bestow this Eye. Liberation and Immortality are not at all found in this level.

4. THE ETERNITY (SACHCHIDAANAND): Eternal Conscious Bliss is unlimited times superior than anything else. Eternal Conscious Bliss is Truth, Peace and Bliss (triple unit). All the achievements of down levels are available here in Eternity as fractions. Eternity is gained while beholding Khuda-GOD-Bhagwan-Sat Siri Akaal in one's front with Eternal or Supremely Eye (Gyan Drishti or Tattva Drishti) who is beyond any Action (Karma) or Practice (Sadhana or Kriya) but within surrendered devotion and service (Ananya Bhakti aur Seva). Liberation and Immortality is ascertained in this level and nowhere else. This is the paramount goal of our human life. Gyan Drishti or Supremely Eye is bestowed by 'Incarnated Sadguru' ONLY and none else.