Four System - चार विधान



1. EDUCATION : Education is that lowest part of 'ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE' under which we know, see and gain any thing or position in between the world or the Universe or Bramhand and the body. This is 'by the senses and of the senses' of the body. All such education-based achievements are upto the body only. Education is also called Shiksha in Sanskrit and Hindi.


2. SELF REALIZATION : Self Realization is the second system under 'ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE' under which we know, see and gain any thing and the position of Self. Self Realization is based on 'by the Self, for the Self and of the Self'. Self Realization is secondly called 'Swaddhyaya' in Sanskrit and Hindi which means 'the study of the Self (swa ka addhyana vidhaan)'.

3. SPIRITUALIZATION OR YOGA : The System under which we know, see and gain any thing or position of the Soul is Yoga or Spiritualization. This is based on 'by the Soul, for the Soul and of the Soul. The Soul is not Perfect, hence Liberation and Immortality (Mukti and Amartaa) are not achieved under this system. Spiritualization is also known as 'Addhyatma' which means 'towards Aatma (Aatma ki our)'

4. THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SUPREME OR TATTVAGYAN : The Supreme System under which we meet, know, see, conversate with and gain any thing or the position of 'GOD' is called' the KNOWLEDGE of the SUPREME' or the 'KNOWLEDGE of the GOD or simply Tattvagyan'. This is based on 'by the GOD and for the GOD' only. This is the only System which is 'True, Supreme and Perfect'. Other methods and principles are imperfect. Therefore 'Liberation and Immortality' or Mukti and Amartaa is never gained under any other system else. These are gained in this very Supreme System. 'The KNOWLEDGE of GOD' or 'the Supreme KNOWLEDGE' is also known as 'Tattvagyan' in Sanskrit and Hindi and 'Khudai Elm' in Arbi and Urdu. All the secrets of the whole existences lie in it and is clearly perceivable in one's front in this very System and no where else.

The Method under which we know and see the Self is called 'Self Realization' not 'Spiritualization' or 'KNOWLEDGE or Tattvagyan'.


The Method by which we know and see the Soul is called only 'Yoga or Spiritualization', not Self Realization or 'KNOWLEDGE'. However, Self Realization is already covered by 'Spiritualization or Addhyatmya'.



Similarly. the Supreme System under which we meet with, know, see and conversate with GOD is known as 'KNOWLEDGE or Tattvagyan' alone, not 'Self Realization' or 'Spiritualization'. However, Education, Self Realization and Spiritualization, all these three are covered within the 'KNOWLEDGE'. Therefore, 'KNOWLEDGE' alone is PERFECT.



If you want to know anything fundamentally or to get the 'position of GOD or SUPREME, you must get 'Tattvagyan' only because nothing is left unknown fundamentally if you get Tattvagyan which is all the Perfect. Then you will find yourself becoming as Perfect as a Supreme Person after getting this Tattvagyan or this KNOWLEDGE.


सब भगवत कृपा से ।
तत्त्ववेत्ता परमपूज्य सन्त ज्ञानेश्वर स्वामी सदानन्द जी परमहंस

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