Five Entities - पाँच अस्तित्व



1. THE UNIVERSE OR BRAMHAND : The Universe is a combined form of place, circumstances, atmosphere and all the Nature including merits and demerits. This world or this earth is just a fractional part of the Universe.


2. THE BODY : Body whom we know as a man or as a woman, is a machine of the 'Self'. Body with all its organs is dead if it is without the Self. Body is alive till it is with the Self. Without the Self, body which is a soily form with many organs, is a dead body. It means that, in fact, a dead body is a real body which is also called Shareer in Sanskrit or Hindi and Jism in Arabi or Urdu.

3. THE SELF : Self is a form of his body and action of the Soul. It is between the body and the Soul. Self is sceptal and is unlike the body which is soily. This is also called Jeeva in Sanskrit or Hindi and Rooh in Arabi or Urdu. It is Self who thinks, knows, understands, decides, talks and so on and acts through various organs of the body.

4. THE SOUL : Soul is a Light or Divine Light or Noor or Divya Jyoti or Chaandana or Param Prakash or Sahaj Prakash. Soul is also called Aatma, Eeshwar, Barmha or So'Han-Han'So Jyoti in Sanskrit or Hindi and Noor in Arabi or Urdu. Soul is a detaching light from GOD or the SUPREME ALMIGHTY LORD.

5. THE GOD : GOD is PARAMTATTVAM-like-AATMATATTVAM or ALM. GOD is all over the SUPREME and is also called Parmatma-Parmeshwar-Parambramha or Khuda-Allahtaala or Bhagwan or Yahoa or Arihant-Bodhisattva or ParamPurush or AkaalPurush or SatPurush.


सब भगवत कृपा से ।
तत्त्ववेत्ता परमपूज्य सन्त ज्ञानेश्वर स्वामी सदानन्द जी परमहंस

'पुरुषोत्तम धाम आश्रम'
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